Irak : Creating Despite Everything Going On - exceptional extension

Irak : Creating Despite Everything Going On - exceptional extension

Du 21 avril au 22 août 2016
  • Irak : Creating Despite Everything Going On  - exceptional extension

Prestigious sculptors, renowned calligraphers ...: the exhibition explores a panorama of contemporary Iraqi creation and its most outstanding artists. It highlights the originality of the work of creators, despite their difficult reality, through various media (engraving, drawing ...) 

From the historical vision of the Iraq of yesteryear (the photographs of Lateef al-Ani) to dreamlike worlds as so many refuges of innocence and poetry (Yusra al-Abadi's painting) going through chaos (illustrated by the painter Mahmood), "creation may be a form of inner resistance”. Philippe Brunella, the Director of the Golden Court Museum, gives a clear insight into the conservation of the heritage and recalls the essential role of the exhibition of artworks. He explains the attachment of Iraqi artists to their expression, countering extremist ideas that fight art in all its forms. "How can we not evoke the destruction of cultural heritage in Iraq and Syria?". Visitors will probably experience the resonance of the project with the difficult moments that took place in the history of the Messin territory and beyond.


This operation is very singular for the artists and the diplomatic authorities of Baghdad. The Iraqi and French ambassadors actively supported the operation, despite the fact that transporting artworks and letting them leave the Iraqi territory was not an easy thing. 

Kassim Sabti, the President of the Society of Iraqi Visual Artists, said: "Our presence among you today in France, center of art, is our way of saluting the courage of the French nation against terrorism and above all of paying tribute to the victims and to express our deep solidarity with France. For us and for the whole world, France is the symbol of freedom, light, love and life. When we read Kassim Sabti, we then realize the chance that is the ordinary pleasure of an exhibition visit, here in a cultural place of our territory. Discover the works of artists who consider themselves lucky to be alive.
Les enjeux de cette exposition pour les artistes irakiens sont explicités par Qasim Sabti, président de la Société des Artistes Plasticiens Irakiens dans sa préface à l'exposition :

Two years have passed since we began to consider this exhibition full of colors and questions. How can those who live in the center of hell create? Where does this ability to continue their artistic journey come from? Are painters, sculptors or ceramists able to express their talent despite the bloody and daily dramas we live? 
Actually, they are lucky to still be alive! 
Some people in Baghdad blame us for being behind the developed world. They say that our styles belong to a past time, that we are largely overwhelmed and that we have not followed the evolution of art. 
It has been a quarter of a century since the machine of wars, sanctions and embargo turned our nation upside down, destroyed infrastructure and torn the social structure. 
Today, the great and very ancient Iraqi civilization sadly comes to realize that art is a sin for certain religious groups! What a paradox! 
The only window we struggle to keep open is that of art and especially exhibitions. And, each time, organizing an exhibition in Baghdad is highly risky for us, since having a terrorist among the visitors is still possible.  It's a nightmare every time... 
Our presence today in France, "the center of art", and in Metz among you is our way of saluting the courage of the French nation against terrorism, paying tribute to the souls of the victims and expressing our deep solidarity with France, a symbol for us and for the whole world of freedom, light, love and life."